Saturday, November 03, 2012

Frikkin' wonderful; and about what we expect

from these people:
And…another “storm” brews. For many weeks now, there have been indications that the outcome of the Presidential election only days away may trigger significant civil upheaval. It ain’t just “Twitter talk,” which has definitely been there for some time, and can’t be ignored for reasons recently stated in this blog. Before Hurricane Sandy hit, law enforcement was already quietly planning for such a post-Election Day contingency. Law enforcement agencies don’t do that unless they have solid intelligence indicating a genuine risk.
When a 'former' Presidential advisor- Van Jones- talks about burning down what is left of cities if Obama loses, I'd say that yes, there is a genuine risk.
Updated: I could swear saw a note somewhere about Jones saying that, but can't find anything; I may have confused him with some of the other socialists and communists threatening to burn things down.
While searching ran across a thread at Fark about this, a couple of people agreeing that 'if democracy fails this way, I'll light a torch'; got that?  If their guy loses the election it means 'democracy fails'...  The mind reels at the level of stupid/ignorance/hatred involved.

Fucking communists.


Anonymous said...

Where did he say that about burning cities? He's insane enough to say it, but I haven't seen the quote.

Anonymous said...

The progressives are just like the muslimes...or the muslimes are just like the progressives. Both of them are more then willing to kill you if you don't let them have their way!
The ranting and raving that we will see from both of those sects really isn't about "helping to advance civil discourse". Both of them are wanting to control the world!


Firehand said...

I could swear read that the other day, but can't find it; may have confused Jones with another communist{3967B3D2-6AB2-4CEB-BF3D-1FC7474F3CCD}&title=Michael-Moore-Anti-Romney-ad-Elderly-Woman-Threatening-To-Burn-This-Motherfucker-Down-If-Obama-Loses
or some of the other socialist morons out there
(just ran across that link while searching)