Thursday, March 17, 2011

To borrow a phrase, "Why are so many leftists

so violents and such haters of Jews?"
The McGill administration is currently investigating Haaris Khan, a McGill student who, using Twitter, threatened to shoot a roomful of other students last week at a campus film screening.

Khan made the threats at a screening of "Indoctrinate U," a documentary, on March 8 hosted by Conservative McGill and Libertarian McGill. "I want to shoot everyone in this room," he tweeted at one point during the film, adding, "I should have brought an M16."
Though Khan has since deactivated his Twitter account, Conservative McGill members, at the suggestion of the Montreal Police Department, took screenshots of his tweets for evidence. Over the span of about an hour and half, during the screening Khan railed against Jews and Zionists in 10 separate tweets.

"I've infiltrated a Zionist meeting," Khan wrote in his first tweet, at 6:04 p.m., shortly after the event began. "I feel like I'm at a Satanist ritual."

"Oh man, a Muslim girl just appeared," he wrote in his next post. "I thought, like me, she's a freedom fighter. Unfortunately, she's a co-conspirator. Traitor."
(make that haters of Jews and Muslims who don't want to kill unbelievers)

About half an hour into the screening, Khan's tweets turned violent.

"My blood is boiling," he wrote at 6:38 p.m. "I want to shoot everyone in this room. I'm frightened, alarmed, and downright pissed. Never been this angry."

"This experience has hardened me into a soldier for freedom and truth," Khan wrote about an hour later. He posted his last tweet, about bringing an M16, minutes later.
But at 1:14 p.m. the next day, Khan tweeted, "The jihad begins today."

He insists this was all 'taken out of context', of course, "I don't have a problem with Jews," etc.

Easy pickings, but I'll still ask: can you imagine what the school and the authorities would be doing/saying if someone of conservative bent had said anything similar?


Keith said...

Did you ever see the crappy B movie where most people had died instantly of some plague, but the few survivors would one by one, suddenly turn deathly white and become violent?

A poor metaphor from an even poorer film, I know, but it does seem to happen with disgusting frequency with lefties and their pet followers of the seventh century kiddy fiddler.

As someone said, even when you do get nominally Christian perps initiating multiple public shootings, they don't start by shouting "Jesus loves you!"

Anonymous said...

One thing though, the guy considers himself to be a right-center conservative, not a leftist as you said.

Sigivald said...

Why would a "right-center conservative" be "frightened" by a screening of, well, any film, let alone "Indoctrinate U"?

He might claim to consider himself one, but it sure doesn't seem like he acts like one in any way.

(Much as one who says he "doesn't have a problem with Jews" after inventing "Zionist meetings" from a movie screening having nothing to do with Zionism - and then equating Zionism to Satanism.

The old blood libel trope cannot but come to mind there, and that's the gold standard exemplar of anti-Semitism.

Maybe he doesn't think he has a problem with Jews, but he sure as hell acts like he does when he thinks nobody's watching.)

Firehand said...

About what I thought:
Pissed at a movie about liberal slant in education;
Nasty comments about Jews from a movie with no Jewish anything in it;
Pissed at a muslim girl watching who like the movie(traitor? Really?);
doesn't sound like an actual conservative to me.