Saturday, March 19, 2011

No matter what state, something this stupid

could only come from a Democrat or first-class RINO:
A bill in Louisiana would require sportsmen to show the serial number on their firearms before purchasing ammunition.

House Bill 8, introduced by Representative Juan LaFonta (D- New Orleans), requires any person selling ammunition to verify that the serial number of the gun for which the ammunition will be used has not been altered or destroyed. Only antique and war relic firearms would be exempt from this new requirement if they are rendered inoperable or if ammunition for these firearms is not available in the U.S. and not otherwise readily available through other means.
Let's see, how many problems...
I wonder if the stores know they won't be able to object to someone open-carrying their firearms into the store? Neither can the police, no matter how much they don't like it; how many lawsuits against cops who cause problems over it and how fast...
Has LaFonta considered the problems should some store decide they need to keep a record of the serial numbers?
Not even worth asking, but does this idiot know that a lot of firearms- .22 rifles in particular- before 1968 didn't even have to have serial numbers?
And so on. But, other than being devoid of common sense, constitutionally offensive and an incitement to civil war it is a great idea.


Keith said...

A pal had one gun on his certificate marked "No Visible Number"

One of mine is a takedown with the seriel no on the barrel tennon.

Getting to the seriel No means splitting the gun and it needs re-zeroing afterwards.

It's always fun to see the cops who come when my certificate is up for renewal, searching all around the gun for the number, although it is a struggle not to laugh or smirk when one of them asks if a Martini is self loading.

If some of them actually knew about guns, they'd be dangerous.

Phelps said...

So does this mean that you can't buy ammunition in loadings that you don't have guns to match? How is that a legal restriction?