Monday, March 14, 2011

I haven't said anything about the reactor problems

in Japan because there's been too much noise and not enough information. This morning found this, which points to this, which includes
Yes, this is one of those cases where’ll I’ll bet my life against any asset you care to risk.

Where are you reading this? Home, office, pretentious coffee bar? Whatever. Just imagine that the radiation level has increased a thousandfold! OMG!! How much danger are you in?!

You are in incalculable danger.

It’s incalculable because radiation is still damaging your body less quickly than it heals. We’ve addressed that here before.

If I measured the dose rate where you’re sitting, I’d see about five micro-rem per hour, give or take a micro-rem. (rem= Roentgen Equivalent Man).

One thousand times that would be five milli-rem per hour, which just happens to be the threshold where the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) and DOE (Department of Energy) must establish a Radiation Area.

This is serious business. To enter it you must be an adult, have training, have a TLD (Thermoluminescent Dosimeter), have been briefed on an RWP (Radiological Work Permit), and be signed in on that RWP, which means you’ll have an EPD (electronic personal dosimeter) for real-time awareness of how much radiation you’re picking up. And an RCT (radiological control technician {me!}) will be with you, or at least keeping tabs.

And apart from acronym poisoning, you’ll be fine. The danger is incalculable.
Well worth reading.

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ellievd said...

The ignorance regarding nuclear power is amazing... in fact in my country you are more likely to get radiation poisoning from the coal power station smoke!