Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My first thought is "This is when we start running over

the bastards."
The TSA has also indicated that it wants to move the perimeter of aviation security screening beyond the airport, to checkpoints on the road, according to Chris Calabrese, an attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union. If these roving searches are tolerated within the terminal and are allowed to jump to the street, there's no telling what might come next. Conceivably, in the near future the TSA could set up roadblocks to randomly screen automobiles anywhere it pleases.

If so, it could prompt further outcries from the traveling public and more comparisons to a police state, say Calabrese and other privacy advocates.
Really? No shit? Yes, it would. Along with a rash of TSA personnel becoming road pizza.

I also have to point out this part:
I put the police-state question to an expert on repressive regimes. "It's absurd to liken the annoyances brought on by airport security to life under a police state," Washington, D.C.-based human rights activist Mariam Memarsadeghi said. "A police state is defined by perpetual fear — fear of a state apparatus that is incessantly watching over the actions of people for the sole purpose of maintaining its power over them."
And that differs from fear of "You will be groped or irradiated or else. And no, we won't let you leave, either" how?


Sendarius said...

Is it still too early to start shooting the bastards?

Henry Blowfly said...

I don't believe a word the ACLU says, even when it resonates with my beliefs.

They have form.

Windy Wilson said...

If this expands to the street, I'm embroidering "Ausweis, bitte" on my wallet.

Sendarius said...

I think that should be stamped on THEIR forehead. Permanently.