Saturday, March 19, 2011

Insty pointed to this "Let's deal with the illegal alien concerns"

piece; go take a look.

Done? I'm going to borrow three sections to give my opinion:
In December, Gov. Deval Patrick indicated that Massachusetts would enroll in Secure Communities. The immigrant community, here and across America, has responded with fear and rage — fear that “law-abiding” illegal aliens would be swept up and deported, and rage that their supposed friends in progressive administrations had betrayed them.
Oddly, photographs and video were expressly forbidden at this public hearing and the feds had not been invited to help explain this federal program. Of course, neither cameras nor ICE agents are especially conducive to bringing out a crowd of illegal aliens, so perhaps that’s not so odd after all.
The illegal immigrant lobby was unmoved. Attendees countered with testimony of unscrupulous bosses docking pay without justification, of deported parents being forced to leave kids behind and of illegal immigrants being forced to come to America because U.S. corporations had destroyed all the Latin American economies.
To all those illegal aliens all upset about this: Fuck you. You are breaking the law in being here, and one reason we're sick of your bullshit is that so many of you
Don't even pretend to like this country,
Don't want to be bothered to learn/use English,
Think you should be above the law
And we're sick to death of you bitching and whining and threatening us about it.
You don't like us enforcing the law? Fuck you, go home. And stop blaming the Evil Nasty US for all your damned problems; you people fucked up your own countries and now want to fuck ours up. You don't like our laws? Ok, we'll copy the laws Mexico uses to deal with illegal aliens, you should love that.

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KurtP said...

A couple points here...
Those deported parents could always take their offspring with them.

If I remember right, wasn't NAFTA supposed to bring well paying jobs down their? Along with a lot of our manufacturing jobs.