Tuesday, December 06, 2011

So I have to conclude that the Globular Warmering clowns in Durban

either don't know at all what the hell they're talking about, or the LIKE the idea of destroying every country developed beyond the level of, say, Haiti.
Issued by the chair of COP-17, the negotiating draft is “an intermediate product presenting work in progress, a Saturday snapshot of where we are at the end of this first week of COP 17.” Consider some of the proposed cuts in emissions that are being demanded of developed countries. One of the more moderate proposal demands—with proposed phrases in brackets—that “developed countries as a group should reduce their greenhouse gas emissions…[by][at least][40][45][50] per cent from 1990 levels by 2020.”
Or, for an even more idiotic/insane/genocidal idea,
But if that proposed emissions cut is not ambitious (read: delusional) enough consider the draft proposal that demands that rich countries “undertake ambitious national economy-wide binding targets for quantified emission reduction commitments of at least 50 per cent of their domestic greenhouse gas emissions during the period 2013 to 2017 and by more than 100 per cent before 2040, compared with their 1990 levels.” Instead of trashing and trying to replace 70 percent of U.S. electric power generation and half its vehicle fleet in nine years, get Americans to sign a treaty that commits them to doing that in as little as two years.
I shall have to descend to bad language: What the FUCK is in the minds of these people? Do they know they're pushing absolute bullshit, or do they want(without having the balls to say it outright) the levels of death and destruction that would occur if this were tried? Because if you actually tried to cut our emissions by that level, lots and lots of people would die. Ignore destroying our(and China and India and Europe and Russia and- well, damn near everybody above the level of Haiti) industrial base for a moment: we couldn't grow enough food. We couldn't keep people warm in winter. I hate to think of the number of dead bodies to dispose of(before they start producing greenhouse gases, must consider that) that such insanity would produce.

But we're supposed to take these morons meeting in Durban seriously. Well, I do; just not in the way they demand

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