Sunday, December 04, 2011

Tam writes about listening to Maddow,

and in comments some whacks at Rush Limbaugh, which included the 'attack on Chelsea Clinton' bit. On that, my understanding is that when he had a tv show, one episode he mentioned a news story about CC and oen of the staff flashed up a picture of a dog instead of the girl. He chewed them out, and apologized. A while later was at a party Hillary Clinton also attended, looked her up and apologized again. Not exactly the same as the attacks on Bushs' daughters and such.

Not apologizing for him. Nobody needs to: with his problems he still starts off at a more honest level than clowns like Maddow: he says up front "This show is about me telling you what I think about things", as opposed to Maddow and Tingles Matthews & Co. claiming to be unbiased journalists.

Still tend to listen to him, partly out of habit. When he first came on the air in this area gave him a try and got hooked. Partly the humor, partly the commentary, in big part because- in those pre-internet(for lots of people) and pre-new media days- he reported on lots of information that didn't make the nightly news. All those stories that sounded like something was missing? Or that you flat KNEW were full of crap? He threw in the information journalists* like Rather left out, or talked around(because you didn't need to know that, they thought); for which they hated his guts and for which lots of people listened.

Can be annoying at times, and far from perfect; but a big step above a lot of the clowns at MSNBC and CNN and CBS in some ways.

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Titan Mk6B said...

I think what I like most about Rush is that he is truly entertaining. He tries to be. I have found that almost everyone who claims to hate him has never listened to him. They are just parroting what they have heard from other people. He really is quite fair and balanced. He also has manners which as far as I can tell almost all of the left lack.