Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Hey, Thailand: The King is a Fink!

And you're full of crap.
And your Queen wears army boots. Big, ugly ones.

The smartest guy Biden knows, who they looked to for financial advice, doesn't know what happened to that $1.2 BILLION he was entrusted with. And he feels terrible about it, 'so leave me alone', etc.

Since DHS is supposed to be worried about SECURITY, i.e. catching terrorists and such, what the hell are they doing playing 'social justice' games?

Remember the idiots in Boston who run the Tynan Elementary School? It gets a bit deeper:
Wilder declined to comment on any possible calls to the state, but said generally they are legally obligated to report incidents of sexual misconduct to the agency.

“We’re mandatory reporters as a school employee,’’ he said. “We have to report any type of accusation of sexual assault or sexual harassment that is reported to a school employee.’’
Remember: Lynch was being choked by his attacker and kicked in self-defense; and the morons at the school are wanting to screw him over FOR SEXUAL ASSAULT OR HARASSMENT. Not going after the attacker for choking him, oh no.
Borrowing from P&P borrowing from Steyn,
If officials of the Boston public schools system genuinely believe that when a seven-year old kicks another seven-year old in the crotch that that is an act of “sexual harassment”, then they are too stupid to be entrusted with the care of the city’s children. If, on the other hand, they retain enough residual humanity to understand that a seven-year-old groin-kick is not a sexual assault but have concluded that regulatory compliance obliges them to investigate it as such, then they are colluding in an act of great evil.

In North Carolina, some sanity in the school system:
The story of Emanyea Lockett's suspension last week, first reported by WSOC-TV of Charlotte, N.C., created a national controversy. Tuesday, the Gaston County School District apologized to the family and said there was no sexual harassment.

Jerry Bostic, principal of Brookside Elementary School in Gastonia, told WSOC on Tuesday night that he had retired because of the controversy.
Bostic whines "I only made one mistake!" Don't know about that, but the one that got this attention was a BIG EFFING MISTAKE, bozo.(found thanks to Uncle)

And back to the PROM: "How dare you actually seem HAPPY to score, you little bastard! That'll cost you the points!" If the Redcoats showed up in Boston today, they'd hand them the keys to the city.

And from Idaho, the gentleman got a comment: The majority of (real)Amer­icans agree with everything the OWS stands for and you ignore their message at your own peril. You will "get it" from their peaceful protest or you will get it through more forceful means, but you will get it.
Aren't they such peaceful, persuasive people?

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