Friday, December 09, 2011

It's cloudy, cold and damp outside

and most of the damaged joints in my body are telling me about it.

Just in case anyone is not aware, if you go to Baen Books and choose 'Read Baen' you can go to the free library.


As in you can download a bunch of books free in e-format. Good stuff. And if you like it can contribute to the free library.


Marja said...

Love that. And it's genius marketing.

By the way, do you read John Ringo? If you do, I got on his 'redshirt' list a few years ago. So if you ever run into a minor female character who dies and has a Finnish sounding name in his book, tell me :)

Firehand said...

I have read a bunch of his stuff. You remind me, I need to yell at him: "Hey, The Arkansas War was a long time ago, where's the next in the series? You're over the damn heart attack, get to it!"

Which will probably get ME in a red shirt somewhere