Sunday, December 04, 2011

I didn't know there was a Fossil of the Day Award;

but we ought to be winning the damn thing. Canada, however,
"Canada is kicking ASS in the Fossil Of The Day Awards! - Stan

I'm going to steal three comments from the blog he links to:
I’m going to cut down and burn a random tree tomorrow in celebration.
I hope we come back with the effing T-rex award, then we can drag it around Canada Like the Olympic Flame, As proof of Canadian Common Sense..
Personally, I think every Canadian should have a fossil award to put on display in our living rooms every winter, when we have the furnaces fired up to the max to keep warm and toasty when it’s -50 C outside. BRING – IT – ON!!!!

Oh, and maybe one to hang from the rear view mirror in our gas guzzling vehicles, especially those that have a block heater installed that has to be plugged in overnight when it’s colder than -20 C, otherwise they won’t start in the morning, and we won’t be able to see through the windshield because the cold air has frosted/fogged it all up.

And I won’t even mention how far we have to drive to get from point A (where we live) to point B (where we work) after we get the damned things started when it’s -50 C throughout the month of January and part of February. But it’s a good thing we do get to work, cause without that income, how could we send all that foreign aid to backward countries spewing CO2 into the atmosphere.

But that’s a Canadian thing. We’re a hardy lot. We like it.

Anyway, I want my fossil award!!! And I want it now!!!!

Added: from the Whole Foods "Buy Local!" list:

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Windy Wilson said...

Hand wash cold.
Don't the greenies know that handwashing is inefficient compared to the new green water-saving washing machines that use only a gallon of water to wash a 20 lb load?
How -- how unenvironmental!

The verification word is "fliflos", and you just know that flea-flossing is as ineffective as Mouse-milking.