Saturday, July 30, 2011

George Lopez: don't let the doorknob hit you in the ass

on your way out. Why don't you just leave now, you bastard, and save yourself the stress of even hearing 'President Palin'?

You know, I told a friend I'm at the point of wanting to hear those two words together officially just to watch various peoples' heads explode; if clowns like Lopez actually WOULD leave, that'd be the icing on the cake.


PISSED said...

Im with you on that..."President Palin".. I m goin to put that on facebook just to wind up some of my libtard friends :D

Dag said...

I had a lot of fun writing that headline, and I will live in Seventh Heaven writing about President Palin when our time comes.

Thanks for the link.

Dag Walker, Vancouver, Canada.

Mattexian said...

Even if she does run and is elected, Lopez's promise will end up like that of Alec Baldwin moving to Cuba if Bush was elected.

Dag said...

We are all mimetic creatures, all of us mimicking what others around us do, which is how we learn to speak and to speak our family and community languages, for example. We learn to be like those around us, a good thing, as a rule. We learn the rules that way. But we learn more than the rules if we're smart and lucky: we learn when the rules are wrong and when we have to stand against them and maybe suffer for it. That comes from mimicking something else important about our families and communities: it's a mimicking of character. We might, if we're lucky, and if not lucky then smart, learn character from adults around us. The mimicry is never perfect. We aren't fish. We challenge and think, get things right or wrong and sometimes try to do better next time. Then our mimicry as children gets put aside, and we pick up adult character, based on our early lessons, and become individuals. We still mimic others, but we know why we do so, when we do right, when we do wrong. We are then not independent but interdependent. We live individually and freely within our own vision of right and wrong. We get along, knowing where to go, where to stop. We are social. We all benefit from the trade-off, what Adam Smith calls a "Harmony of Interests" that are not the same for all but that in their differences aid others. But....

Dag said...

There are those who have no "character" of their own, men and women who never learned to be an adult in a world of adults, giving and taking for the mutual benefit of all. In the economy, your profit is my gain too. I get something worth paying you for. We are both happy. My character, not the same as yours, might give you some profit, and I might be pleased to find that you in turn have made my life better by being happy. If my character is empty, then I can't give anything at all but mimicry, a careful display of what I think and hope will make others happy in my repetition of what they say as revealing of their character. I could please you and profit from it by "being you." What you say, I say. I don't care what it is if I have no character of my own. Your mind is my mind. I would be a collectivist, a communalist, a talking monkey. I would be a slave of all around me, an actor.

Freedom is freedom to think for oneself; but further, it is the actual thinking that is freedom. To look around to find out what others think and say so one can please them by repetition is to lose whatever freedom one might have. I call these people, those on the Left, Conformity Hippies, one of whom is the Smurf Chihuahua we see today, a yapping fool who says what his friends say, who benefits from it in some ways at the price of his mind, his freedom, his very life. He will die never having lived his own existence. That is a punishment no decent man would ever wish on another, it being a cruelty beyond us. And yet, these fools lap it up and demand a chance for more.

If President Palin comes to power in the real, then in time we will find Smurf Chihuahua making movies about her greatness-- if his friends love her. If they all say they do. He will do as others do, no character to base his life on other than something written for him by others, like most people in the West today who say what others say, they know not why.

I think you're stuck with him. Sorry.