Saturday, December 11, 2010

There've been rapes and assaults by 'disaffected North African youths'

for years, now the capital of "We are multicultural(and we'll jail you if you say something wrong about it) Sweden" has its first jihad bombings.

They're so stuck in denial and "We must be properly sensitive" that
TV2 [Denmark] is reporting that the bomber was carrying a rucksack full of nails. Swedish TV is a disgrace — they refuse to say that the killing is related to the bombing. And they won’t say the two explosions were related.

On Swedish TV they actually said that a car containing fireworks caught on fire
Wonder how much longer that will last?

They had the same kind of luck we had with the Times Square bomber: apparently didn't know how to make the bombs well enough to get the kind of damage they wanted; and how much longer is THAT going to last?


Keith said...

Accross the border from the Swedes in Russia, They had a problem with Muzzies bombing out whole apartment blocks.

Trouble was, they weren't muzzies, and when Litvinienko blew the whistle on the perps, he got fed polonium.

Qui bono? (who gains?), there aren't enough muzzies in the entire middle east (or world) to take on Europe, The average IQ in their countries would only qualify their average citizens as street sweepers.

Blair and his minions profited greatly from the atmosphere of siege they propagated in Britain.

I'm guessing (and it is only a guess) that the muzzies are pawns, and stupid ones at that, in someone else's game.

Firehand said...

Depends on how Europe reacts; so far they've practically been encouraging things.

You may be right, lots of games over the years in that part of the world.

Marja said...

The most likely reaction from the elite will probably be something along the lines 'we must work harder at this, we aren't nice enough to these poor people who have moved here'. At least in public.

The most likely reaction from the masses will be more votes for those who at least talk about slowing down third world emigration, like the Sweden Democrats in Sweden, or in my country Perussuomalaiset - Finnish Folkparty (there is no good translation for the Finnish name 'perussuomalaiset', 'perus' means several things like true, basic, base, foundation, and the party thinks something like 'True Finns' might not quite get the meaning across so they don't want it translated). Right now perussuomalaiset is getting awful close to leading the gallup polls here when people are asked which group they will vote in the next election.

We'll see.