Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Remember Aaron Sorkin? Guy who thought the actors reading his lines

in West Wing ought to really be running the country? He really is a whiny little bugger.
Sarah Palin whacks caribou.
Sorkin wets pants in indignation.
Sorkin yells and bitches while Palin is turning caribou into stew and steaks and roasts...

Damn, I know who I'm rooting for.

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AM said...

If I could sit down for dinner with the Palins there would be much to talk about. Hunting, fishing, the chance encounter I had with their son in Iraq (he drove me around Baqubah), even the difference between tax rates and gov revenues.

It would be a little tougher with GW and Laura Bush, but he was a fighter pilot so we could swap war stories. He can use a chainsaw so we could talk about power tools. And he has a very ecologically sound house so we could talk principles of efficiency in design.

If I could sit down for dinner with a Dem, I would feel very out of place. I don't understand the politics of envy that "social justice" advocates hold deep in their soul. I don't understand how a man who works should pay for a man who doesn't work.

I don't understand why it isn't abundantly clear that our world leading corporate tax rates have been pushing manufacturing jobs overseas for decades.

I don't want to redistribute our dwindling wealth, I want to set the conditions where people can build wealth. I don't want a punitive tax code, I want a fair tax code (everybody needs to pay something, even if it is as little as 1%).

So if I sat down to dinner with Pelosi, I would be like a Hessian Mercenary sitting down to eat with Marie Antoinette. I would look the gentleman, but conversation would be trite.

I have nothing in common with them, and they are an unapproachable aristocracy. Possibly they view me the same way, as hired help to fight the wars when told.