Thursday, December 09, 2010

The stranded biker

One nasty-cold day a policeman came across a bike on the shoulder of the road; the rider, in every piece of cold weather gear you can think of, standing glumly beside it. He pulled over.

"What's the problem?"

Muffled voice through the balaclava: "I think the carbs are frozen."

"Pee on them, that'll thaw them out."

"I can't" came the sad reply, after a moment of thought.

"Well, I can." The cop got out, looked to see if any traffic around, unzipped and proceeded to rid himself of several cups of coffee, zipped up and said "Try it now."

The bike cranked over a few times and then fired, roughly at first but it smoothed out quickly. The rider said "Thanks!", hopped on and headed off.

A couple of days later the chief received a letter commending the officer from the riders' father:
"On behalf of my daughter, who was stranded the other day..."

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