Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I'm going to start thsi morning with the Reverend of Crap,

Al Sharpton. He wants to shut Limbaugh up because of his 'racism'. Which is truly rich, coming from this lying, racist, bigoted piece of crap. Search around and you can find statements from him about 'Greek homos', Jews, whites and pretty much everyone who's not black. And if you're black and don't have his 'correct' point of view, he'll crap on you, too; but Rush is a nasty racist who should be silenced...

By the way, I'm going to be using Tinyurl on a lot of links for a while; Clayton Cramer noted that Righthaven has a bunch more papers now, and when I added the names to the blocklist it started blocking EVERYTHING. So until that gets sorted out.

Back to progressive dirtbags, the clown Obama has as FCC Commissioner wants to take control of crap he has no legal privilege to take over. All in the name of 'fairness', of course. And another one, the offspring of other corrupt politicians, says 'free internet for 'nappy-headed children' is a right. Ignore all the other bullshit here, can you imagine of a white, or a conservative, made a comment about 'nappy-headed children'? But this clown can get away with it.

About a year or so ago I caught part of one of Kathy Griffin's routines; took about two minutes to change the channel. I have to ask, how effing stupid IS this woman?
Yeah, make insults about the kid of a politician who's also sister of a troop? And then give the troops crap for not liking it?
Added: oh, my Deity, maybe it wasn't the bad jokes they were booing.

SEIU: "We screwed coverage on your kids because of Obamacare, but don't tell anybody that 'cause we have a new story. And we don't want to say bad things about Obama even when he's an idiot."

Some "Why things are so screwed for years to come" thoughts from Ace. I'll throw in, along with enviro regs and labor standards the greed of unions and spinelessness of many businesses in dealing with it. Few years back I read an article about a firearm manufacturer who had an idea for a .22 autoloading rifle, but had one hitch: if the bolt had to be forged and machined it would be far too expensive, but if it could be extruded, cut to length and finish-machined(design had this in mind) it would be good. So they started calling manufacturers here in the US and all answered either "We can't do it" or "It'll cost about three times what you want to pay." So they decided to check on foreign makers and contacted a company in- as I recall- Germany, who looked at the specs, quoted a very good price and asked "How many tons do you want?" Smaller orders just fine, too, slightly higher cost. Giving in to unions for decades had kept most US companies from modernizing as they should have, so business kept going to foreign companies. As Ace puts it, providing service or information is great, but when people are making things they need parts; and if you can't make them(and for an affordable price), somebody else will.

Some "Why aren't people more aware of the Muslim Brotherhood?" questions. And why people NEED to be aware of the group.
I just finished reading 'Flight of the Intellectuals', which spends far more words than necessary trying to figure out why so many 'intellectuals' in the west cannot, or refuse to, acknowledge what and who the enemy is. For that matter that they ARE the enemy. Kind of amazing, really.

So it looks like our taxes won't get hit with the Obama Tax Increase next year, which is good; also good is this "We wanted to raise taxes but the House Democrats wouldn't stand up!" noise. Especially when you consider Democrats still control both Houses.

On the subject of the economy, last night I took daughter to dinner, and enroute we drove past Penn Square Mall. Every year I can remember, end of first week of December the parking lot was packed; last night there were lots of empty spaces. Years past the restaurant would have been a wait to get seated; last night, "How many? Follow me!" Anybody who says the economy is recovering is a liar or a fool.

"Is Governor Rendell French?"
Close enough, it seems; from the linked article
“What this would do is expand the Castle Doctrine to outside the home, to a city street, for example, and eliminate the principle of law that we’ve had since English common law: The duty to retreat.”

Is Rendell French?

Remember, folks, according to Rendell, if your family is getting violently car-jacked or being violently assaulted by thugs in a mall parking lot over the X-box you just purchased, your duty is to surrender and retreat.

“It promotes violence first,” Rendell continued in explaining his veto. “If we can help keep violence down, if we can protect the sanctity of life, we should. We should not have a basis that you can shoot first.”


The sanctity of the thugs’ lives? We should be more concerned about them?

What’s a poor, frightened liberal to do?

Surrender, of course.

Also from SiH, a thought on the mental processes of Japete:
I’ve come to one conclusion in what limited reading I’ve done of Joan Peterson’s blog. If it’s legal and she doesn’t like it, then she assumes it is actually illegal and everyone who does what she doesn’t like is a criminal. If it’s illegal, and yet criminals still find a way to get around the law, then clearly it is actually legal and she wants to regulate EVERYTHING in an attempt to make it illegal(er).

I’ve had my share of experiences at smaller non-profit shops that sometimes have board members who like to speak out on their own. If I worked for the other side, I’m pretty sure my head would be dented from banging it against the desk and/or wall after reading Peterson’s comments. Seriously, Peter, if you don’t have a stash of the Montezuma in your desk for a quick chug every time she posts, let me know and I’ll bring you a bottle next time I’m down there

Let's see, Obama sends empty-hat Salazar out to tell us "No more drilling", and gas prices go up. Again. Any bets as to whether the major media will give a rant about the harm this does like they did when Bush was President?

In todays' bit of "Blame the JOOOOOS!" idiocy,
Egyptian officials say they have not ruled out the possibility that a fatal shark attack in Sinai on Sunday could have been a plot by the Mossad.

“What is being said about the Mossad throwing the deadly shark [in the sea] to hit tourism in Egypt is not out of the question, but it needs time to confirm,” South Sinai Gov. Muhammad Abdel Fadil Shousha was quoted as saying by the Egyptian state news site egynews.net

On that note, I take my leave for the time being.


Windy Wilson said...

I recall reading that in the old Soviet Union (as opposed to the new Soviet Union which has slightly less territory) people had a tendency to blame everything that happened on the CIA. Ants in your hotel room? CIA. Rain backs up in the gutter? CIA.
If they weren't so dangerous it would be amusing to see that the latest totalitarians suffer from the same mental disease.

MauserMedic said...

If there's one thing Arabs of the Middle East love, it's conspiracy theories. I personally think it's their form of escapism from the intellect-smothering hand of Islam,and it meshes well with the government's desire to mask its own imcompetence and corruption. If the Jews are ever gone from the ME, it will be the international Jews, then the Christians, then the Sufi, Shia, and so on until they cannabalize themselves in an islamic version of the Salem witch hunts.

What a blight on humanity.

Keith said...

M M,

Did you ever see the film "Borat"?

Cohen "Borat" was only half joking in the scene where Borat and his producer fled from the B&B, believing that the cockroaches were the Jews, who had shape shifted to get under the door.

To folk who believe that there is no point putting on a seatbelt, having a weather forecast etc, because unless G-d will it, it won't happen, all sorts of weirdness can seem believable, especially as us infidels have all of the evil spirits on our side.