Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I really needed a new jacket,

as my old actually has holes in it, so I stopped by a bike shop to look at what's available. And walked out with a pretty nice one for damn near 2/3 off.

It's good for me on this, but the shop had a lot fewer customers in than in the past, like the traffic at the mall I mentioned the other day.

By the way, if there was ever an argument for not having cable, it's Keith Olberdork; the man is a walking example of idiocy and envy and hate.
On the one hand— Unaffordable Tax breaks for the beneficiaries of the Bush tax cuts, made ever more permanent as they threaten to suck four trillion dollars out of government revenues in the next decade.
Do you by any chance remember the yacht tax? Bunch of clowns who think the way you do decided "Anybody rich enough to buy a yacht ought to pay a big extra tax on it!"; and when the clowns passed the tax, the people who did have the money for such a boat either didn't buy one or bought it somewhere else, and the companies in the US who made the yachts suffered, which means the people who worked there suffered. It didn't bring in any extra money, and it cost jobs and revenue. That you think keeping the tax rates as they currently are is 'sucking four trillion out of revenues' is disgusting- well, not really disgusting, 'idiotic' is a better word. You don't pay any attention to the past, you refuse to learn from it and the envy and hate you display, well, THAT is disgusting(by the way, do you include John Effing Kerry the yacht-tax dodger in your 'sucking money from government' group?)

Except, of course, for the estate tax, what Republicans so happily call, “the death tax.” Which will be reduced from its 2009 levels.


The money given by one dead rich person to some living rich persons, will not be taxed, up to five million dollars. More than five million and it’s 35 percent — which is less than it was under the tax laws of President Bush’s last fiscal year. Sir, you have given undeserved tax breaks —and you have carved them a little more deeply into the stone of law – to rich people, living and dead. And you want me to tell them which Democrat proposed the Estate Tax giveaway?

Olberdork, I realize the chances of you ever reading this are about zero, but I'm going to say this anyway:
This may come as a shock to you, but every effing penny we earn is taxed. And if we invest it, even in a savings account, any earnings are taxed, and everything we buy is taxed, all our life long; that you think not being allowed to rape someone's estate when they die is a 'giveaway' tells me all I need to know about your twisted mind.

Enough. I'm more tired than I was when I got off this morning, and contemplating the scummy mind of Olberdork and the people he speaks for is just too much for my digestion right now.


OrangeNeck said...

Olberdork is a self-proclaimed socialist.

Titan Mk6B said...

olberman's initials are KO which is two-thirds of KOS as in Daily KOS. In this case it just proves that less is more.

Keith said...

Hi Firehand,

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Firehand said...

Got it