Friday, December 10, 2010

I have to ask, what level of dumbass does it take

to think a kayaking trip here was a good idea?
An acclaimed South African outdoorsman who was leading a kayaking expedition from the source of the White Nile into Congo was dragged from his craft by a crocodile as two Americans watched, horrified. The guide is presumed dead.
Ya think MAYBE?
The body of 35-year-old Hendrik Coetzee, who was living in Uganda, has not been recovered(no kidding?). The stretch of river where they were traveling is notoriously dangerous for its whitewater, and because of its high density of crocodiles and hippos.
Just damn.


Windy Wilson said...

Yes, but if he had lived, think of the stories he could have told!
Even Sir Richard Burton (The intrepid explorer, not the drunken actor) knew enough to avoid the rivers in Central Africa.
Having never served in the military I do not have the vocabulary to fully express the depth and breadth of my opinion of how stupid this "guide" was.

Home on the Range said...

More people get killed by the hippos (I flew into Africa a few times back in the day). You don't want to mess with either unless you have a tank. Kayak won't cut it.

Firehand said...

What I've always read: crocs eat more people than anything else and hippos kill more people than anything else.

Peter said...

Africa wins again!

Haji said...

If they were lookin' close for bubbles in the water, they might have seen him. 'Course, I'm assuming the bubbles from croc farts can be seen in the river.

Too soon?

Keith said...


That is Africa

T.I.A^2 if it was Angola!