Saturday, September 18, 2010

Two last things tonight, the first on the Evil Party

...I will counter with a less-sexy story about how, in the city where I choose to live, where I pay hefty local taxes, where I have sincere hopes about placing my daughter in a public school system (as Adrian Fenty and Michelle Rhee do, but Barack Obama does not), where I have witnessed stunning changes for the better in just two years of interacting with the local elementary school, one of the country's foulest and most powerful special interests, the overwhelmingly Democratic Party-financing American Federation of Teachers, just spent $1 million large to make sure that the last glimmer of reform for this famously bottom-of-the-barrel school district gets snuffed out, in a wave of anti-Stuff White People Like spite.

This is your mainstream Democratic Party, people. It knows how to speak in complete sentences, it knows how to masturbate, and it knows how to destroy expensive education systems. I hope you fucking enjoy it

The second on the Stupid Party:
That was then. This is apparently now: “With their eyes on a House majority, Republicans are leaving the door open to allowing earmarks after a one-year party-imposed moratorium,” reported Politico on Friday. Republican leaders such as House Minority Leader John Boehner and Whip Eric Cantor are suddenly hedging on the issue. Perhaps we need to remind the would-be House leadership why they should continue to steer clear of earmarks.
How about this, Boehner: you clowns played games with the Evil Party for years to prop each other up, to keep the game going, and it got you kicked out of power; now you think we're going to forget it all in a year? Do you want to ENSURE a third party made up largely of people sick of this kind of crap?

Oh, you Democrats? Don't get happy about it; as Insty says, you're not too damned popular a party either; the bulk of the other members of that third party will be Democrats sick of what you bastards did to the party of their family.

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