Sunday, May 16, 2010

Who'd play them?

Talking to somebody the other evening, noticed one of Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan novels on the table and we got to talking about how they'd make some damn good movies(the concern of Hollyidiots screwing it up is a given), but the big question was "Who would play Miles?" And we had no idea.

Which brought to mind Hammer's Slammers: who'd play Joachim Steuben? Lots of other characters, but that one might be pretty hard to pull off. First guy that came to mind was Sean Hayes, who played Jack in Will & Grace(yes, I used to watch it sometimes; until it became too PC and sucky to tolerate). Physically he's pretty close, maybe a bit taller, and seems to be a good actor; if he could get into the character, I think he'd make a damn good Joachim.

And now, having decided to put this down before my somewhat fogged mind forgets it, good night.


Kevin said...

Did you see the Lord of the Rings trilogy? Avatar?

Pick an actor, any really good actor.

The things they can do with computer animation today are pretty much seamless.

Marja said...

The body proportions of short people tend to be different from those of tall people. And I think Miles' head is described as looking sort of large for his body. So you should probably still find a relatively short actor, even if it would be unnecessary to find somebody quite as short as the character actually is. Especially short when compared to whoever would play characters like Ivan and his father.

Grayson said...

My nomination for Major Steuben would be James Morrison, who excelled in the role of Col. McQueen, in the T.V series 'Space: Above and Beyond.'
He has the military demeanor just right, knows how to handle weapons, and when he makes eye contact with you, it's like looking down a pair of iridium gun barrels.(See the episode,"The Angriest Angel")

Firehand said...

Kevin, true enough; I was so focused(and fuzzy) on some individual I didn't consider that.

Marja, correct also; wouldn't take a very short guy, with the right camera work, to do the job. Dammit, I want to see the movie!

Grayson, thank you; I'd forgotten about that show, and you're right. Give him a creepy enough laugh and dark hair...