Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just had a hell of a hailstorm around here

This looks like the biggest that hit my neighborhood; most of it was much smaller. Worst was further east.

I'm officially tired of spring showers.

So much ice down in the low areas there's fog


martywd said...

How's your roof shingles standing up to that abuse?

Firehand said...

That I can tell, pretty well, no visible damage and I don't see signs of anything inside. I'll be watching it.

If there is damage, it'll show, we've got continuing chances of rain all through the damned week from what I can tell.

Keith said...

That looks nasty! pea sized ones sting enough.

Firehand said...

The storm moved northwest to southeast; north and east of me there were a lot of them up to baseball-size; car and house windows, tree limbs and structure damage everywhere.

Saw a shot of a guy's back who was caught outside by stuff about the size of what's in this shot; LOTS of bruises.