Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Interesting; an awful lot of 'progressive' types seem to have two things in common:

an odd interest in other men's testicles(how many times can these squirrels smirk and call people 'teabaggers'?), and a real liking for the Joseph Stalin Method of Political Argument:
Can't we just send them to a farm where they can live out their cloudy-minded days in peace and without harming the rest of civilization?
"To the camp with you! You have not the proper revolutionary thoughts!"

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Keith said...

It doesn't take long for them to show they're true colours.

I don't think their iteration of workers utopia(tm) would be any better than the earlier ones.

I'd be interested to see some psychological hypotheses about the meaning of the fascination they seem to have with male genitalia, orifices and male rape...

They just keep coming up. One of these days I'll draw up some bingo cards, trouble is, Maison Progressive has a very predictable menu d'insult