Wednesday, May 19, 2010

If there's any question in your mind why so many have come to see the government in general

and this administration in particular as the enemy, pay attention to this.
The best would be for this to be done voluntarily, but the word "voluntary" is a little complicated, and sometimes people don't do what's best for our society unless Congress holds hearings or unless the public demands it. And the idea would be to have a legal mandate as the last resort, and to make sure it's as neutral as possible if we have to get there, but to have that as, you know, an ultimate weapon designed to encourage people to do better.
The fascist Sunstein's words. Which he's walking back(of course) now that lots of people have actually heard them and expressed just what they think of them. Serious question: considering the crap Sunstein has pushed ever since Obama put him in a position of power, does anybody actually believe he doesn't still like this?

Or that Obama wouldn't love to shove it down our throats?

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Anonymous said...

Makes one want to kidnap Cass, scramble his brains (frontal lobotomy) then let him go. No more danger to humanity.

B Woodman