Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pres. Calderon, you are most cordially invited to kiss my ass

you miserable little socialist hypocrite.

"Of COURSE we check ID! Of COURSE we want to know if you have a criminal record! Of COURSE we throw you out of the country if we find you working illegally!"

And blaming us for the cartels having military arms? You blame US not having an 'assault weapons' ban? You can't keep them from bringing God-knows-how-many tons of drugs in, but they can somehow only get guns from up here?

Go fuck yourself, and your whole corrupt nation, you sorry bastard, I'm sick of you and it blaming us for your problems.

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Matthew said...

NPR has been reporting lately that there is more or less proof that high-level Mexican police and military officials are in active collusion with the Sineloa Cartel against La Linea and the rest in the current border gang war.

They tracked arrest numbers for all gangs and contrary to official reports Sineloan members are not being arrested at anywhere near the same rates.

If (elements of) the Mexican government are indeed supporting one side in an attempt to quell the conflict by eliminating the competition 9and for fat payoffs) it makes sense they would have a strong motive to keep arming the Sineloans with military and police weapons under the table while trying to restrict the supply of lesser weapons for the non-favored gangs from outside sources.

Like a classic insurgency but with criminals on both sides.