Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Looks like Marriott Hotels need to be taken off the list

of places to stay.
Hundreds of conventioneers stayed at the Charlotte Marriott City Center, where Grass Roots North Carolina also held its “Gala for Gun Rights” on Friday night, hosting a number of national gun rights defenders. GRNC selected the hotel because it did not post against firearms. Inspections of the main entrance were made both the day prior and the day of the event. So imagine the surprise of GRNC supporters who found that signs barring guns printed by computer had been scotch-taped into place on Friday evening during the event.
And it wasn't accidental or somebody playing games: General Manager Jim Diehl defended doing it. And played games(contact info at the Examiner link).

I have to wonder if there's not some way to sue the ass off the manager and/or hotel for doing this; probably not, but at least we can make it known that they played this game to screw over people they'd signed a contract with.

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Anonymous said...

This needs to be kicked upstairs higher on the Marriott food chain.

B Woodman