Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh hell, I've GOT to pass this along

One of these attacks is probably unique in aviation history. On August 17th, 1915, Flight-Lieutenant G. B. Dacre was forced to land on the sea following engine trouble with his Type 184. A nearby Turkish tugboat approached, presumably intending to capture the plane and its pilot. Determined to avoid so ignominious a fate, Fl-Lt. Dacre taxied his aircraft towards the tug, aimed carefully, and fired his torpedo from the surface, rather than air-dropping it in the normal way. His weapon, launched at point-blank range, could hardly miss, and sank the tug. He was then able to make hurried adjustments to his engine and take off again, returning safely to HMS Ben-my-Chree. I've no doubt that the tug's survivors, floundering in the water, hurled some horrible language after him as he cheekily flew off into the distance!


homebru said...

Is it hunting over bait if you're the bait?

Firehand said...

An interesting philosophical question, that.