Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just took a look at Berry's to check bullet prices

and found these: 110-grain plated for .30 Carbine. Quite a good price; interesting thing is the note
When loading these plated rifle bullets do not exceed a max velocity of 1950 fps.
Considering the velocity of GI ball in that cartridge is about 1950, that would indicate you could load these up to full velocity and not have any problems.

Going to have to get some when I can and give them a try


Arthur said...

1000 110gr bullets for $104 is 15.7lbs of alloy or $6.62/lb of alloy.

You can buy straight linotype for a lot less than that.

Even adding in the cost of lube you'd be better off casting if you have the time.

Of course this is coming from someone that has more time than cash - and likes casting.

GuardDuck said...

Except with the plated bullets you don't have leading problems.

Firehand said...

I've shot a lot of cast 115-grain bullets with gas checks through a carbine with no problems, but a lot of people don't want to take the chance of fouling up the gas system. These would take care of that, at a fair bit lower cost than regular jacketed.

Thanks for the link, Arthur, I didn't realize you could still buy linotype

Arthur said...

OH! Right.

I forgot completely about fouling the gas system.

I know the lubes I use great for leaving zero lead in the bore, but they leave my gun filthy.

Cleaning that out of a Garand style action would suck.