Sunday, May 23, 2010

Have you heard of S. 3388

the Service Member Second Amendment Protection Act of 2010?
This bill protects the second amendment rights of soldiers and DOD civilian employees by prohibiting the DOD from requiring the registration of privately owned firearms, ammunition, or other weapons beyond what is already required by state and federal law.
S. 3388 allows a military or civilian employee of the Department of Defense to possess, own, carry, or use a private owned firearm or ammunition in keeping with state and federal laws without the additional interference of the Department of Defense when those items are not located on property owned and operated by DOD.

- The Department of Defense will continue to regulate military and civilian employee’s possession of a firearm while on official business or in uniform.

- Regulations adopted before the enactment of this S. 3388 that prohibit the protection of second amendment rights will be void.

Sounds good to me

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Matthew said...

That'll be good up here (Alaska) where I believe a previous commander's order forbidding soldiers from carrying concealed in accordance with state law off post is still in effect.