Friday, April 23, 2010

Just some general stuff this morning

Like if you've got a digital copier, you might want to know this before you get rid of it: it saves information.

Memo to Mr. Obama: When a man who has been charged with crimes against humanity tells the world that America is in his pocket, it’s time to review your policy.

So South Park had Mohammed as a character, various muslims threatened/advised about it, and Comedy Central did a lot of bleeping-out. So CC will insult Christ, Buddha and everyone else, but tuck tail and cower about the child-molester Mohammed; just friggin' great.

Michelle Malkin has gathered a bunch of stuff that explains why I way what I do about John McCain: for his time in the Navy I give him the respect he damn well earned, but for his actions as a politician I far too often have nothing but contempt and anger.

I remember that Arizona had a recall petition running on this clown before 9/11, and it was going to get a vote on yanking his ass out of that Senate seat; after the attack, it was decided that it would be best not to go through electing a new Senator at such a time and the petition was withdrawn. From what he's done in the time since, they should have gone ahead and tossed him out.

Malkin also notes James Carville, one of the slimiest bastards that every slid around, calling Republicans 'reptiles'. And working to honor the miserable bastard ex-Marine Murtha.

What? Obama lied about talking to Blago about the Senate seat? Wow!
More on that at Ace.

Well, Rep. Hoyer, guess what? I don't believe you're sorry, I think you're sorry you said it out loud and people remember it.

That's enough for now.

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