Sunday, April 18, 2010

Back when daughter was in New Orleans on vacation

she said there was a heavy police presence in the tourist areas; looks like that's not the comforting thing you might think:
New Orleans, Louisiana police initially dismissed the savage attack on GOP official Allee Bautsch and her boyfriend Joe Brown in the French Quarter. They reported it as a medical call and did not even interview the couple about the brutal beating until Monday. reported:

When news of last weekend’s assault of Republican campaign fundraiser Allee Bautsch and her boyfriend broke on Monday, police logs detailing crimes and complaints reported in the French Quarter that night did not list the attack on the pair.

That’s because the April 9 incident was first labeled a medical call, which meant no police report needed to be written. Indeed, according to the initial report released Friday by New Orleans police, it wasn’t until Monday that a detective was assigned to investigate the incident — in which Bautsch broke her leg and her boyfriend, Joseph Brown, broke his jaw.

Monday was also the day news reports and blogs began chattering about the attack, sometimes laden with the juicy possibility the attackers were anti-Republican protesters.
But the sequence of the NOPD’s response to an attack that left Bautsch with a broken leg and Brown with a fractured jaw and nose, raises questions about why the department didn’t deal with the incident as an assault from the get-go. Subsequent police statements and reports about the incident note that officers did respond to the scene, calling an ambulance to take Bautsch and Brown to the hospital.

NOPD spokesman Bob Young said the explanation is simple: The responding officer didn’t know the extent of the couple’s injuries. That officer knew the couple needed help and was told that Brown had been in a fight, but concentrated on getting them medical assistance, he said.

If the officer had known how badly they were hurt, the case would have been reclassified immediately as some kind of battery, Young said
Let's see, this is how police respond to an attack, the New Orleans city government is still screwing people around when they try to get their guns back*... I don't think I want to give that city any of my money, so I don't think I'll be going.

*Assistant City Attorney Victor L. Papai, you suck. You're a disgusting piece of work who should not even be a lawyer, let alone in a position of power over other people.
Holliday then sent Guidos a copy of the letter that Papai claimed to have sent her, dated Oct. 24, 2008 – supposedly written to her three weeks before she turned in her claims.

And from the story it appears the U.S. Marshals who were in NO were just as bad as NOPD and a bunch of other clowns- like the California Highway Patrolmen who beat up women- about stealing private property under the guise of 'enforcing the law'.

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