Monday, April 19, 2010

Among the reasons I lost a lot of my confidence in the EffingBI

is their actions in the Hatfill investigation:
"I learned a couple things," Hatfill told "Today" host Matt Lauer this morning. "The government can do to you whatever they want. They can break the laws, federal laws, as they see fit. ... You can't turn laws on and off as you deem fit.

"I used to be somebody that trusted the government. Now I really don't trust anything," said Hatfill, who had worked at the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases in Fort Detrick, Md.
Hatfill sued the Justice Department for besmirching his reputation and harming his livelihood by leaking damaging information about the investigation to the press. In June 2008, the government settled out of court and agreed to pay him $5.8 million. A month later, scientist Bruce Ivins, 62, who the government says was the real culprit, committed suicide. Ivins was about to be indicted in the anthrax murders.

Hatfill told the "Today" show this morning that in 2002, he signed a consent form to let the FBI search his home. Officials told him they would be discreet in their search.

"I walked out into the parking lot and there were already news cameras filming me," Hatfill said, adding that the operation had turned into a big "show."

This isn't the only time(by far) the EffingBI screwed someone's life over; the fact that they keep doing crap like this doesn't really give anyone much reason for confidence in them.

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