Thursday, April 22, 2010

At this point I have to assume Rep. Shelton

doesn't want to answer my question about the 'unrecognized nor unauthorized' matter; he's had plenty of time.

Which brings up
A: Does he just not want to bother, or
B: Am I touching on something he doesn't want to talk about?

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Mattexian said...

Maybe he's realized there's a contradictory set of rules in that document, and that usually leads to lawsuits after false arrests, which tend to overturn the whole thing. I mean, three classes of The Militia (National Guard, State Guard, then the Unorganized Militia, which is pretty much everybody else), and then saying you can't have an "unauthorized militia"? I'm sorry, but if one wants to train some without going all the way and being under the chain-of-command (and the PITA term of enlistment that goes with it), then hanging out with your buddies and "playing soldier" in the woods is a better way to go. As has been pointed out, tho, the trouble comes when those "unauthorized" units start sitting around the coffee table and making their own plans, for when "the blue helmets"/brown shirts come marching in or whatever.