Sunday, April 18, 2010

I may have to start referring to them as the Stasi of the People's Republic of Maryland

A Harford County man now faces up to five years in prison after he recorded a bizarre traffic stop last month in Harford County.

Anthony Graber was riding his motorcycle with a camera attached to his helmet recording his ride.

It happened near the Riverside exit of I-95. A Maryland State trooper in an unmarked car pulled over Graber for speeding. The trooper is seen in a YouTube video that Graber posted, jumping out of the car and tells Graber "Get off the motorcycle, get off the motorcycle! Get off the motor cycle, State Police."

The trooper is seen pulling his gun immediately after getting out of the unmarked car. It's not until five seconds after he exits the car that he identifies himself a Maryland State trooper.
So what we've basically got is the Maryland State Stasi wannabes threatening a man with prison for daring to post video of a really bad piece of 'law enforcement'(got to protect the trooper no matter what, right? Greg Shipley, you're an asshole and a sorry lawman)

I ask you, if some guy cut you off, jumped out of a car in plain clothes- no uniform, badge, nothing- and draws a gun, what would your reaction be? A lot of places dumbass would have tire tracks across him; he'd also be asking for a citizen with a gun to draw on him. And for a friggin' speeding ticket?

Few years back I heard of several cases of people traveling through Maryland and Massachusetts being pulled over apparently because of their Texas or Oklahoma tags and being given a routine of "Where's the guns? You assholes from ( ) ALWAYS have a gun, so WHERE IS IT?!" At the time I thought might be a bit exaggerated, but it appears more and more that it was plain truth. So make Maryland a place where I'll only go if I'm being paid, and then for only as long as necessary.

Found thanks to Rodger

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Anonymous said...

I was born and raised in Maryland, but now live in Virginia. Sadly, I rarely go there anymore even to visit relatives, and that's just one of the reasons.