Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ref the 'unauthorized militia' amendment, (how to find the bill text modified)

I've been digging around. First off, I e-mailed Rep. Shelton: said that comparing every militia member to fanatics and the KKK was disgusting, and asked the question about 'recognized or authorized militia'. Did get an answer:
This bill has to deal with types of Gangs not comparing the KKK to militia groups.
Well, in the article he did seem to link them(could be my reading), but this didn't answer the question. So I asked it again:
And that does not answer the question that since the unorganized militia is specifically noted in Oklahoma law, how is the "any independent military organization that is neither recognized nor authorized by the Commander in Chief of the Militia for the State of Oklahoma." going to be dealt with?
and got
Would these militia's be taking part in gang like activities??? If not it would not apply.

That was kind of unsatisfactory. So I asked him if he could refer me to the full text of the amendment, no response as yet. I asked because all I could find was the news story; hunting for the bill was a pain. Finally found it here; you have to choose the 'basic search', put in 'sb 2018', then click on 'Introduced' at the top for the text.

The bill basically says "If you aid/abet/push to/help someone join/recruit for a criminal gang it's a felony", for the full wording it's section 856, paragraph D. In F there's a full "This is what makes it a criminal gang" list. So far, so good.

Where I get nervous- a bit- is the wording I asked Shelton about: that 'recognized nor authorized by' part. Overall, looks like the story gave me an impression that the amendment was targeting 'unrecognized or unauthorized' militias as being automatically a criminal gang; appears that's not the case. I'm bothered by that clause; if he's said something like 'a criminal gang that calls itself a militia is still a criminal gang' I'd be less bothered. I'll see what he says to my question. Part of the reason still worried by it? Found this leading the story I found here:
OKLAHOMA CITY (April 21, 2010) — Legislation proposed by state Rep. Mike Shelton would increase the penalty for individuals involved in unauthorized militias or similar domestic-terror groups.
That's a pretty flat statement of a penalty for being involved in a 'unauthorized militia' and states that such is a domestic terrorist group. THAT bothers me a lot.

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Windy Wilson said...

So, if we call ourselves "the Robert Hale Merriman Brigade and have readings from Marx, Lenin, Mao and Alinsky before each meeting, are we then acceptable even if not approved and authorized?