Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In years gone by,

many people seemed to imagine suicide attackers were the ultimate expression of commitment. Today, we see suicide attackers for what they are: Stooges. Ignorant suicide bombers are not brave martyrs, but gullible Man Dogs trained to fetch myths. The Taliban select and condition Man Dogs as precision guided weapons. They are myth guided munitions.
From Michael Yon, along with some good pictures of F16s on takeoff

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Keith said...

Going back to the early eighties, I was pals with an Iraqi guy who was on the run from conscription in Sadam's war with the ayatollahs.

He had stories (you are welcome to be very skeptical of what follows) of Iranian child soldiers who'd been captured.

When they were being booked in as POWs, their posessions were all booked down with them, all except for the key each had on a chain around his neck. They were all thrown into a heap on the ground.

After the loss of the key, the kids lost all motivation to resist. It had been the key to their private apartment in paradise, presumably with hot and cold running virgins!

I've never seen seperate confirmation, but like all good myths, it certainly has an air of plausibility about it.