Tuesday, March 16, 2010

AG Holder: "Don't worry about having to try bin Laden, we'll make sure

he dies."
To every clown who voted for Obama despite what information came out: God, you're stupid.

To every moron who pushed to have Holder made Attorney General: What, you weren't stupid enough the first time?

So after first hearing all the self-serving bullcrap about how 'trying the terrorists and illegal combatants in civilian courts will showcase our justice system', followed by "Don't worry, even if they're found innocent they'll never walk out of court free"(they why the HELL are you wanting a civilian court trial if they have no chance of being found innocent?), we now come to "Don't worry, we'll be sure he's dead can can't face a civilian trial" from Attorney Dirtbag Holder. Wonderful, isn't it?

And take note of this idiocy from a Evil Party minion:
Rep. Chaka Fattah, D-Pa., bemoaned what he called a "cowardly" desire to avoid a civilian terror trial in a major city.

If a terrorist had killed thousands of Philadelphians, Fattah said, "we would expect him to come to Philadelphia" to face trial "if he would live long enough."

"It doesn't befit a great nation to hesitate or equivocate on the question of following our own laws," he said
'Our own laws', you effing moron, include military tribunals for illegal combatants and such; you really think the people of PA would be happy about such a trial there? Happier than the people in NYeffin'C?

Morons and dirtbags; that's who's in charge.

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Anonymous said...

The doctors have quit, and the inmates are now running the asylam.

B Woodman