Monday, March 15, 2010

There've been a bunch of defenses of the dirtbag lawyers in DOJ

who represented the enemy in Gitmo, and then went to DOJ with Holder(bees pee upon him); here's some of what those 'noble members of the bar' did at Gitmo to help the enemy. Breakables warning in effect. Among other things,
Other incidents listed in the FOIA material included: a lawyer who was caught in the act of making a hand-drawn map of a detention camp's layout, including guard towers; a lawyer who sent a letter to his detainee client telling him that "we cannot depend on the military to do the right thing" and conveying his message of support to other detainees who were not his clients; lawyers who posted photos of Guantanamo security badges on the Internet; lawyers who provided news outlets with "interviews" of their clients using questions provided in advance by the news organization; and a lawyer who gave his client a list of all the detainees.

If the stated intent was to show that the government had singled out Paul, Weiss attorneys, the unstated purpose was to demonstrate something even more significant to the government's lawyers. They were outnumbered and outgunned. The Gitmo bar had grown to include some 400 lawyers from as many as 50 law firms that were subsidized by the millions of dollars earned from their paying corporate clients. They had the legal talent, the support of the international press and the judicial wind at their backs. They could bury the DOJ in paper. If one lawyer was taken out, she could be replaced by another
Wonderful, isn't it? And we're supposed to think of these bastards as the new John Adams... Adams would be one of the people ready to hang these miserable lawyers.

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