Sunday, March 14, 2010

An excellent suggestion from Gerry

about that moron Ortiz in NYEffn'C:
Like I posted on Marko's blog, what would happen if restaurants, delis, diners, food cart operators and their customers all sent Teh Ortizidiot a 2 oz. shaker of salt? 400 or 500 thousand salt shakers showing up at his offices in Brooklyn and Albany might get his attention. Hell, think of the fun if he got a couple million of 'em. How many food establishments are there in the State of NY, anyway? How many people eat in restaurants in NY every day?

If 500,000 2 oz shakers of salt, show up, that is 31 1/4 tons of salt. If each shaker comes with a pledge of $2 to his opponent at the next election, he will have to go find an honest job.

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