Monday, March 15, 2010

So yesterday the 'mostly sunny' somehow morphed into

'solid overcast all day'; today looks the same and 'the sun should return tomorrow'. Damn.

Few things to mention this morning: first, on Tom Hanks making idiot statements, V.D. Hanson takes it on: 'is he unhinged, trying to stir up publicity or just stupid?' Personally I'm going with effing asshat.

Trusting the UN to save you is not a plan; it's an admission you're screwed.
The failure of the Human Rights Council to take serious action to condemn Iran’s human rights abuses, and the election of Iran to the Human Rights Council itself, will be deeply disillusioning for the reform and human rights movement in Iran. It could destroy their faith in the international human rights system, for which many have sacrificed their freedom and security, and for which many have died. It will give legitimacy to hanging political prisoners, and more will be hanged.

But this issue is not just about Iran. It is about the capacity of the U.N. system to protect human rights. If Iran’s grave abuses are ignored and if Iran assumes a place on the council, the council will be further weakened. Other dictatorial regimes will be emboldened to repress their citizens
You think maybe?

Among the reasons I don't want in on the Apple I-Whatever mess: if they'll screw up on batteries this bad...

When the PC idiots take over, like in Canada, you don't just get censorship, you get idiocy like this:
Speaking of Canadian values, they sound so nice when you’re floating choreographically over the Prairies on a massive CanCon bender. But what do they boil down to on the ground? Mme Marise Myrand is a 389-lb. diabetic who lives in Ste-Marie-de-Beauce in la belle province. She asked her condo association to give her a parking space nearer the door of the building. The board responded that it wasn’t for them to take somebody else’s spot and transfer it to her, but suggested Mme Myrand ask the occupant of the other space directly. Mme Jocelyne Nolet is a short-order cook in her sixties with an injured shoulder, and declined to accommodate Mme Myrand. So the aggrieved wound up at the Quebec “Human Rights” Tribunal, which ordered the condo association to hand over the parking space to Mme Myrand by March 1 and, for good measure, fined all 35 of her co-owners a total of $10,000 to be given to the plaintiff in compensation.

It was reported that, in the course of her battle with her co-owners, Mme Myrand had been subject to “degrading remarks” about using her obesity to get a better parking space. In her judgment, Michèle Pauzé fined the association $3,000 in punitive damages because these remarks “heurtaient les valeurs d’inclusion promulguées dans notre société”—i.e., they conflict with the inclusive values promulgated by our society
The 'Human Rights' Tribunal should be dealt with. Possibly be defenestration, though a plain old rail out of town would do nicely. This has not a damn thing to do with human rights, and everything to do with control. And Stupidity, let's not forget that.

On a more cheering note, yesterday I put a lot of primers in cases. Stuff I load on the Dillon is primed in the loading process, but stuff on the single-stage press has to be primed separately. So I got a bunch of cases in different cartridges primed, bagged and put in the box for later. Now I need to load a bunch of stuff for practice. Which may be something I do today, depending on how it stays outside.

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