Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ever notice how a bunch of the "TOTAL SEPARATION

OF CHURCH AND STATE!!!" screamers don't mind playing religious when it suits their ends? Even if they can't keep the days straight?

One thing that's always rather pissed me off is the insistence of so many on the left and so many of the "Leave my body alone!" feminists that somehow 'leaving laws off their bodies' includes "You have to pay for my abortion!" Absolute bullshit; you want my money to do something, I have something to say about it. Including saying "Dumbass, there are ways to avoid getting pregnant; if you're too stupid, lazy or uncontrolled to use them, stop insisting I pay for your stupidity." Another is the absolute nutcase-level hysteria shown if somebody mentions their religious beliefs, but the total willingness- like Pelosi- to drag their own supposed beliefs out like this.

I say 'supposed' because, from past words and actions combined with this, I don't think she believes, in anything other than a "This makes me feel good so it must be holy" bullcrap way.

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Patrick said...

I can't and won't speak for the people you are talking about in this article but I can speak as an atheist on my thoughts of religion and "church and state". I have absolutely no problem in anyone worshipping or speaking about their beliefs. I just have a small problem when they want to use those beliefs to determine laws that affect me. I have no problem with homosexuality, but religion has permeated into government to not allow them the same rights as any other people. I have a problem with abortion for anything other than rape cases and possibly certain birth defects (I haven't yet figured it out myself) but I don't believe that *I* should be able to push my values onto others. As a society we need to figure out how to be together but yet honor each others different values. That is very difficult in a country of 330 million people, of varying different religious and social makeups.

I hear ya though and I do get what you are saying. Personally, I have no problems with anyone doing anything as long as it doesn't affect me or mine, or someone else's rights. Abortion is one of those issues that it depends on *your* definition of person. It's not an easy call although many people would tell you that it is.

There are many things my money is used for that I have a serious problem with.