Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ooooooh, the EUnuchs don't like our Supreme Court's ruling

The criticism comes from a senior official of the 56-nation Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

The head of its office that monitors democratic practices says the ruling effectively lifting limits on election spending by corporations and unions "threatens to further marginalize candidates without strong financial backing or extensive personal resources."

Well, tell you what, Euro-Boy, screw you. The 1st Amendment is very important to (most of)us, and we hold being able to yell at our politicians a Very Good Thing; so go away, you nanny-state dirtbags. We see what you're doing to Wilders for daring to speak non-PC things, so your criticism doesn't mean a whole lot.

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Anonymous said...

Just after Hurricane Katrina I got into a pretty good discussion with a Dutch member of a board I posted on. He and most of the other members are European and were aghast that Bush was letting all those problems happen.

I wrote a synopsis on Federalism and invited the lot to do an internet search for the Declaration of Independance and the US Constitution then actually read them, pointing out that anyone with conversational English should have no trouble.

Several did. Since then three have emigrated here, the Dutchman, and two Scots. Three Englishmen went to Canada with the intent of coming South in due time.

I also have a friend, (Met him on the Intarwebz, I did.) Who was born in Rhodesia, got out alive by the skin of his teeth, went to England, chucked that for the PC Nanny State cesspool it's become and now lives and works about two miles from me. He is a (an?) RN/EMS Med. Tech. and has never had trouble finding work anywhere on the Globe. He was very delightedly stunned at the amount of his earnings he was allowed to keep here in the US of A compared to the Socialist UK.

The sort of ignorance shown by that Useless Nitwits twit can sometimes be cured. Of course, stupidity is forever.

Gerry N.