Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ok, you want something scary?

Which brings me to a second blogger who also discusses the Sullivan post and agrees with the lament (and, I would suppose, the characterization of those opposed to the government takeover of health care as “nihilists”). Nothing particularly compelling in his discussion until you get to this part:

It is at moments like this that I wish we had an authoritarian ruler who could take over for a few years, a clear-headed liberal in the classical sense who could ram things through and get them done without giving a thought to the shrieks and cackles of the deranged fringes of either side. It’s at moments like this when I think, “The USA could use a little China, or at least a little Singapore.” A benevolent despot who can engineer solutions and force them to happen.

Holy liberty loving Hannah.

How about a little USSR? A dab of Cuba? Some of Pol Pot’s Cambodia for leavening?

Just bloody wonderful what so many on the left wish for, isn't it? Although I think this clown knows not of what he speaks: a classical liberal would be the antithesis of a authoritarian ruler, would be horrified at the idea of being handed- or taking- the power to 'ram things through without giving a thought'. The idea of people like that in government is a big reason why so many of the Founders were very firm about it being specifically noted that the people have a right to arms as that final veto.

Maybe some of these wishing-for-a-tyrant idiots ought to remember that.


martywd said...

America on the brink   Oh golly gee, how could this have happened?   Answer: our effn' pols (Repub and Dem) have driven this country _INTO THE GROUND_ economically and otherwise, but, but, The P Duck suggests that all would be well, still, if we all just had GOVMINT HEALTH INSURANCE!   Yup, IDIOTS!

Anonymous said...

These clowns are going to keep at it until the gunfire starts. Mark My Words.

Gerry N.

Sailorcurt said...

"If people are free to do as they wish, they are almost certain not to do as we wish. That is why Utopian planners end up as despots, whether at the national level or at the level of the local 'redevelopment' agency."
--Thomas Sowell

"The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it."
-- H.L. Mencken

"If one word rings out, and echoes around the world, when America is mentioned, that word is Freedom. But what does freedom mean? It means that hundreds of millions of ordinary human beings live their lives as they see fit -- regardless of what their betters think. That is fine, unless you see yourself as one of their betters..." --Thomas Sowell

Keith said...

Is there something fishy going on there, with the Neo Libs trying to claim good sound Classical liberal thought as theirs?

They wouldn't know what had hit them if they got a Classical Liberal Govt in power.

They wouldn't be able to slander the members as slave owners, colonialists
or of lacking the mandate of Women and black people...

Now, one of those books you just can't push too hard...

Hayek's Illustrated Road to Serfdom:


ps, Sailorcut - love those quotes