Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It would appear that the Austin Police Department and BATFE

like extortion. At least when they're committing it.

Note the FOIA request, and I'll bet it's not the only one.

Austin PD just may have found itself ass deep in gators..

More over at Sipsey Street. Including this steaming pile of bullshit:
The police also made a big scene at the gun show to intimidate people. A vendor was placed in handcuffs by APD and lead through the crowd for everyone to see. He was taken outside but was later released and not arrested.

Lawsuit, discovery, more lawsuits needed.


martywd said...

I had gone down to the gun show at the (former) Crockett Center on N.Lamar in Austin a month of two ago and noticed four things.
1.   The parking lot was near empty.
2.   There was no 30.06 sign posted as had always been the case in the past.
3.   There were no APD officers sitting at the left of the door checking guns private citizens were bringing into the show to sell.
4.   The number of actual vendors inside selling ANYTHING was enemic to pathetically small in number.
Oh wait, one more item.
5.   The price of admission had been jacked up 2 bucks (but good for the entire weekend, for what that was worth?

I didn't stay long and hadn't gone back since.   As far as this stunt by the APD?   Not surprised one bit.

martywd said...

martywd Now trying to be NOT so negative and FWIW, there's a fire spreading over at the TexasCHLforumregarding this issue.  One of the recent posts includes an 'APD press release' which seems to claim this issue is the result of gun deals being done outside the show in the parking area?   Or something?

I'll be very interested in the TSRA(.com)'s response to this issue?