Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Such a sign of professionalism from TSA

...It would have been far more helpful had he reached out to our family and help us formulate a solution than belittle the effort.

I am insulted and appalled that a representative from the TSA would chose to make such a juvenile and insulting statement. You could have easily left the above quote off and just shared the Redress process with everyone.

It has been made quite clear to our family from both Continental and US Airlines that our son is clearly on a TSA list and they have absolutely no power in which to remove him.

If you think it's far more helpful to belittle the process rather than just giving people the information they need, then I think the TSA has far more serious issues than any of us imagine.

I look forward to getting our son off a list he's supposedly not on.


Compared to these people, Barney Fife really was a dedicated professional.

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Anonymous said...

There's what, five million people on that list? And how many of them are there either by mistake, or by having a name similar to an actual terrorist suspect, or just because some TSA guy was having a bad day and got annoyed at someone?

Time to scrap the no-fly list and start over. Preferably by profiling for actual terrorists instead of merely harassing everybody.

--Wes S.