Friday, January 22, 2010

There's just so much stuff out there,

but I think I'll start with Air America going down the toilet. Because they couldn't even get enough liberals and progressives to listen to make advertisers buy time, so they went bankrupt. Buh-bye.

So the UN will hold President Obama to his promise that the United States will reduce carbon emissions even if the Senate cannot pass climate legislation, even if the Copenhagen Accord flops. Well, got news for you, de Boer; screw you and the power grab you're riding on. He can 'promise' anything he wants, but it has to be approved by the representatives of the people before it has any power, and enough of the truth has made it out that that's not going to happen.

If you live in Arizona and are in McCain's district, my personal advice would be to tell any McCain or Stupid Party callers asking for votes or money to kiss your ass. He's proven himself to be one more progressive RINO on most things and cannot be trusted.

This sounds scary-close to the thinking behind the F4 Phantom not having a gun: "We're not going to have this 'dogfight' crap anymore, we're going to use missiles and hit enemy aircraft miles away!", which sounded great. Right up until we had F4s being chased by MiG15s with no missiles but a pair of cannon. Yeah, you can get by with something less than a Typhoon for a lot of missions in Afghanistan, but speaking as if you'll never need something like the Typhoon again... that's dumb, guys. Our AF keeps tried to get rid of the A10 almost from day 1, but it's been a great plane. Get the Tucano for the missions that it's good at(apparently very good), but don't fall into thinking that's all you'll need in the future.

Yeah, I think he's right: Obama & Pelosi & Reid have decided to 'wait until the attention dies down' and then try to sneak or shove Obamacare through. I guess they really don't care how many Democrats get stomped for it, they'll try this power-grab no matter what.

Also from Q&O,
Got that? Passing a bill that circumvents Brown’s vote will be viewed “with some justification” as illegitimate, so let’s go ahead and do just that! Do these people even listen to themselves? Using the reconciliation process (“sidecar” or otherwise) to shove health care legislation down Americans’ throats simply eschews the very legislative process that Barney Frank and Jim Webb cited as the reason to forgo further action on health care until Brown is seated. Yet, Hamsher and her cohorts advocate for legislative legerdemain anyway. Cognitive dissonance in action.

The reason, of course, is that passing health care legislation is such a fundamental issue for progressives that they have thrown all sense (such as was possessed) to the wind. It has nothing to do with what people want, but instead with what progressives want people to want. Apparently it doesn’t even matter that the rosy economic projections upon which these health care bills are based have little to no basis in reality. I guess, since the ultimate goal is a utopian fantasy, employing imaginary thinking is the only way to get there

Totally unrelated to the above, I took the suggestion of a commenter and used some epoxy putty to build up the front sight of the M95. That worked very nicely to move the POI down to a reasonable point at 100 yards, and having a better-defined front sight helped accuracy, too. The proper fix would be a taller front sight, but I'm wondering about taking a short piece of hacksaw blade, heating and folding it, then opening it up just enough to fit over the front sight and soldering it on; that'd give a taller sight that would be more durable than the putty. You could keep part of the blade squeezed together right at the fold and open a 'skirt' beneath it, and could file the taller part down as needed to zero the POI with your ammo. I'm going to have to fiddle with that.

A Filipino muslim bomb tech killed in Afghanistan; gee, I wonder what he was doing there...

And so it is that I’d like to invite the head muckety-muck of the Evergreen State College, Dr. Les Purce, to put away the pomp and circumstance and come on down.

Dr. Les is wallowing in the wealth of taxpayer generosity.

Having been given a sumptuous residence as part of his presidential Evergreen package, he instead chose to live in a different house and insist on an additional $60,000 a year to pay for it.

Meanwhile, the house the college expected Dr. Les to live in sits empty.

What with repairs, utilities, maintenance and upkeep on the one house along with allowances for the new one, cost to us taxpayers is over $300,000 so far.

And now Dr. les says he wants a maid to take out his trash, wash his dishes and keep things tidy for him
Well, he IS of the Progressive Elite, y'know, you can't expect him to live like one of the pea- uh, masses, can you?

I haven't tried to build an AR, but I still like the advice that Tam pointed to.

In the Tale of the M&P15-22, put another three mags through at the range the other day, and it's behaving itself nicely. I think I'll put the iron sights back on until I can find some taller(Extra-extra high, I guess) rings for the scope; I have to shove my cheek down on the stock to line it up properly.

Steve has been tempted into using lots of time devising new pizza recipes and methods.

It has to be noted again, the IPCC knew the 'The Glaciers Are Disappearing!' line was bullcrap and pushed it anyway.
The scandal threatens to undermine the panel’s credibility as it begins the marathon process of drafting its Fifth Assessment Reports, which are due out in 2013-14. Georg Kaser, a leading Austrian glaciologist who contributed to the 2007 report, described the glacier mistake as huge and said that he had warned colleagues about it months before publication.

Oh, this is just effing brilliant! on the part of the administration; they don't want to actually win in Afghanistan but don't have to balls to just pull out.
The U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan and senior Afghan officials have resisted moving forward with a bold and potentially risky initiative to support local militias in Afghanistan that are willing to defend their villages against insurgents, according to U.S. officials.

Their concerns have slowed the implementation of a key effort to provide security in places where there are relatively few NATO forces or Afghan police and Army units. U.S. military officials had wanted to get the initiative -- developed under the leadership of Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the top commander in Afghanistan -- off to a quick start this year.

Eikenberry's unease about the program as it was structured by the military also reflects a broader difference of opinion at the highest levels of the U.S. military and diplomatic headquarters in Kabul about new approaches to combating the Taliban insurgency. While military commanders are eager to experiment with decentralized grass-roots initiatives that work around the ponderous Afghan bureaucracy in Kabul, civilian officials think it is more important to wait until they have the central government's support, something they regard as essential to sustaining the programs
As Riehl puts it, The claim is they want to see more from the central government. Yet, this is the same administration that time and again has said the central government is part of the problem. Obama and his team don't seem to want to get out of the way and allow the military to fight the war with the best plan they can come up with. Should we be surprised?
I'm tempted to say it's also standard progressive bullcrap: it can't be allowed to succeed unless the government is in full control of it. Having these Afghan peasants actually defending themselves, on their own? Unthinkable!

Oh, gee, why would he make such a change now, I wonder?
MEMPHIS — A Tennessee man accused of killing a soldier outside a Little Rock, Ark., military recruiting station last year has asked a judge to change his plea to guilty, claiming for the first time that he is affiliated with a Yemen-based affiliate of Al Qaeda.

In a letter to the judge presiding over his case, the accused killer, Abdulhakim Muhammad, calls himself a soldier in Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and calls the shooting “a Jihadi Attack” in retribution for the killing of Muslims by American troops.

“I wasn’t insane or post traumatic nor was I forced to do this Act,” Mr. Muhammad said in a two-page, hand-printed note in pencil. The attack, which he said did not go as planned, was “justified according to Islamic Laws and the Islamic Religion. Jihad — to fight those who wage war on Islam and Muslims.”

That's enough for one morning, especially since it's sunny outside. See you later.

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Keith said...

The tuccano - a poor man's Hurricane!

As for the EUnuch fighter, a friend makes a componant, which BAe puts around a 40 times mark-up on when they sell it on to the users.

Britain would be a lot better armed if they abandoned BAe, but I'm told that they give well paid non exect directorships, that don't ask for much work...