Tuesday, January 19, 2010

As some of the media weenies seem to have developed a case of the vapors about Trijicon,

as noted here and here, I have to wonder just how desperate these clowns are to find something to define as a 'problem'.

If you've ever looked through one of the ACOG gunsights, you've wanted one. The things are expensive, simply because you pay for quality; they're designed to work in the worst conditions, and keep working in use that would trash a lot of other sights in short order. A while back son told me he'd finally managed to get one issued to him; he considers it the best gunsight he's ever used, period.

I'm going to steal Kim's comment:
The ACOG was developed by Trijicon without government funding AND is available commercially. That makes it COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) equipment. That they put an engraving as part of their design on it is their business. If the government decides the device meets it's requirements and wants a version without said engraving, that would be a special order at the least. Can't say what that will do to the price. This is not a government conspiracy to push religion. Unless someone can find evidence this was bought because of the engraving, there is no case that this is the government sponsoring religion.
Yep. This was designed and built by a private company. The government started buying them because they're damn good equipment and the troops wanted them. All this bullcrap being stirred up is one more instance of some media weenies looking for something so scream about.


Titan Mk6B said...

Hell, all they have to do is incorporate it into the part number. Watch the liberals twitch over that one.

RobC said...

I bet one could find a million other bits of hardware that has serial/model numbers that could contain references to bible verses... I bet one could even find ones that refer to the Torah or koran for that matter.
What a storm in a teacup by the troop haters.