Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Day After; still smells like far-left squirrels

in a circular firing squad. Which is downright glorious. I hugely dislike what the Stupid Party has become, but I despise what the Evil Party has become(which is the Evil Party); this is a great big roadblock to the EP plans and hugely encouraging to those of us opposed to it. And it really takes the shine off Obama's apple.

Speaking of roadblock,
In a statement, Erroll Southers said he was pulling out because his nomination had become a lightning rod for those with a political agenda. President Barack Obama tapped Southers, a former FBI agent, to lead the TSA in September but his confirmation has been blocked by Republican Sen. Jim DeMint, who says he was worried Southers would allow TSA employees to engage in collective bargaining with the government.
Except there was also that illegally using LE databases for personal purposes, and lying to Congress about it, and seeing us evil Right-Wing Extremists as more dangerous than people like Hasan...

I remember various media weenies having cows after the Stupid Party won control of the House and Senate during Clinton's term, including describing American voters as 'having had a temper tantrum'; well, now we have the Boston Birdcage Liner comparing MA voters to drunks who didn't know what they were doing. Yeah that's going to win people over to reading and trusting you.

If Harold Ford is a 'bold progressive leader', I have two questions:
Why do we want another socialist in the Senate?
Why are so many Evil Party bigshots having fits over his thinking about running? I mean, another 'bold socialist leader' would fit right in with so many of them...

I figured it was coming, but damn, 6.1 aftershock. Talk about scaring hell out of everybody. Good thing, the Comfort is in chopper range and taking patients in, and will be docked soon. Add that to the facilities on the Vinson, that's lots of help.
U.S. Navy divers arrived at Port-au-Prince's crippled port -- where a pier was perilously listing and two of three cranes were submerged -- to help engineers decide how much weight the docks could hold. Slowly, almost gingerly, they began to unload shipping containers from a barge that had sailed from Mobile, Ala., filled with supplies for the World Food Organization and Catholic Relief Services.

"It's really shaky down there," said one of the divers, Chris Lussier
If you've ever done any diving, you can imagine being underwater inspecting a pier you know might fall over on you... and staying down and getting the job done, good for 'em. Get that pier back in full service it'll make a huge difference in getting supplies in and injured needing treatment out.

While the Dutch are working to silence Wilders for daring to speak(that 'Freedom of Speech' idea just doesn't go over well with PC At Any Cost idiots) things that upset some muslims, what's happening in Saudi?
A 13-year-old girl has been sentenced to 90 lashes and two months' prison in Saudi Arabia after she took a mobile phone to school.

A court ordered the girl to be flogged in front of her classmates following an assault on the school principal, according to the Saudi daily newspaper Al-Watan.

After the assault she was discovered to have concealed a mobile phone, breaking strict Saudi regulations banning the use of camera-equipped phones in girls' schools
Health authorities in Jeddah have shut down an "illegal" women's fitness centre attached to a hospital, closing one of the few venues where Saudi women are able to exercise, local media said on Wednesday.

Although health officials have repeatedly blamed the high rates of heart disease and diabetes in the kingdom on poor diets and lack of exercise, health authorities said women's fitness centres were not allowed
And there's that whole thing with the Saudis still crucifying people, too. But (your favorite deity) forbid someone dare say something that upsets any muslims.

The White House National Security Council recently directed U.S. spy agencies to lower the priority placed on intelligence collection for China, amid opposition to the policy change from senior intelligence leaders who feared it would hamper efforts to obtain secrets about Beijing's military and its cyber-attacks.
Gee, ya think?
The decision downgrades China from "Priority 1" status, alongside Iran and North Korea, to "Priority 2," which covers specific events such as the humanitarian crisis after the Haitian earthquake or tensions between India and Pakistan.
Oh, that's just bloody wonderful, isn't it?
The National Security Council staff, in response, pressed ahead with the change and sought to assure Mr. Blair and other intelligence chiefs that the change would not affect the allocation of resources for spying on China or the urgency of focusing on Chinese spying targets, the officials told The Washington Times.
Bullcrap. You make an official change like this, it doesn't matter if you're playing 'wink-wink' at some level; it's going to discourage a lot of people from keeping at seriously digging into what the PRC is up to. This just ain't good.

The FBI arrested 21 people at the SHOT show, supposedly for attempting to bribe an official from an African country. We'll see. The FBI hasn't been exactly non-political in a lot of crap over the last while, so this might be a legitimate investigation & arrests, or it could be bull.

Do you have any idea how much it pisses me off to have to write that 'We'll see if the FBI is playing games again or if this is a legitimate thing'? It's really nasty to have to admit how little trust you have in a lot of these people anymore.

And here's Tam's take on it.

On the good side, it's sunny outside and suppose to hit 60's with a fair chance of rain tonight; there's a reason Will Rogers said to wait around a bit.

I repeat, I wish I had Tam's way with words, especially when dealing with media bedwetters.

And on that note, it being bright & shiny outside, I've got stuff to take care of.

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