Saturday, January 23, 2010

You know, there is a reason for the test kits,

and not leaving someone in a cell for a bloody work week before you bother to check the stuff.

And note the response of NYPD:
The "drugs" were finally tested five days later and determined to be popular Coco (coconut) Candy. The charges were dropped -- but there were no apologies from the NYPD.

"Sweet happens," a police source glibly said of the boondoggle
Well, isn't that such a wonderful, professional response to this crap?


Phelps said...

Doesn't matter. The test kits turn blue no matter what sort of powder you put in them. The point isn't to detect drugs, it's to turn blue and justify an arrest.

Then again, sometimes they turn blue just from being exposed to... air.

Sendarius said...

This sort of behaviour by police is why I insist on seeing (and recording) ID whenever a police officer intrudes on my life. Most officers get VERY agitated at being commanded to identify themselves.

In the event of "sweet happens", since I know who it was, it doesn't matter to me if the police department refuses to identify the officer concerned.

Firehand said...

Most places, it's either regulation or law that an officer has to show proper ID if requested.

Mind you, some of them will still be very bothered by the request, and the bastards take it as reason to mess with you more.

Sendarius said...

Yes Firehand, here they ARE required to present ID, and they DO take it as a reason to further harass you.

So much so that I am seriously researching the available options for recording encounters, and what the law requires regarding disclosure of the fact that a recording is being made.

My circumstances will be different as West Oz is a LONG way from you both geographically and rights-wise, but it appears that here a general statement along the lines of "Officer, you do realise that this is a public place don't you, and as such you have no reasonable expectation of privacy?" may suffice as an indication that a recording might be being made.

The key thing to remember is that, although it is good practice to be polite, there is usually ONLY a requirement to identify yourself when challenged (and perhaps provide DL in a traffic stop).

There is NO requirement to answer ANY other question asked by a police officer, nor do you have to make conversation or allow a search - so DON'T.