Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A timeline on the New Black Panther case

here, including this:
Flagrant Justice Department stonewalling of numerous outside inquiries concerning the case already had deepened the suspicion that high-level political interference was involved. Now a new analysis shows that the top Justice political appointee positively identified as having approved the controversial decisions, Associate Attorney General Thomas J. Perrelli, had a strange habit of consulting key White House lawyers in person at exactly the times the key Black Panther decisions were being made - but very rarely visiting the White House when Black Panther matters were not pressing. (See the accompanying timeline.) The Justice Department last week explicitly refused to respond to an "interrogatory" by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights about Mr. Perrelli's involvement.

From what I've read, there are a bunch of 'civil rights' weenies involved in this and similar cases who believe that ONLY minorities(especially blacks) can suffer from voter intimidation; that it's somehow not right to press such a case against a minority(especially a black) who commits this crime. Well, bullshit.

I don't care what color or religion or whatever the offender is, same about the victims; anyone who does what these NBP clowns did is a criminal, and should be prosecuted as such. Along with the simple fact that it's not right for someone to be given a pass on this crap, the splatter from such an action is horrible. To quote,
In his farewell remarks to his Civil Rights Division colleagues before being exiled to a South Carolina office (and after being ordered by superiors not to comply with a subpoena from the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights), Mr. Coates reportedly said the division's focus under Mr. Obama is at risk of "enforc[ing] the Voting Rights Act in a racially biased fashion and turn[ing] a blind eye whenever incidents arise that indicate that minority persons have acted improperly in voting matters." Members of the Civil Rights Commission likewise have indicated that they are worried about a potentially inequitable administration of justice - a concern that appears to undergird its formal investigation into the matter.
Exactly. If people are actually given reason to believe the 'Justice' Department(which is what it becomes) will or will not file a case depending on the skin color or whatever of the crook... then why trust them? Not just on this, on anything? That's a road we really don't want to go down.*

Anyone who pushes for NBP and similar thugs to be given a pass on this is as big a racist as some guy in a sheet who wants the niggers** to keep in their place; just as big a racist, and just as disgusting an attitude.

*Yes, I know we've had such problems in the past; it was bad then, and no better now. Making this kind of crap the unwritten(with some of these idiots, maybe written) policy would be disastrous.

**I've seen all kinds of workarounds to using that word, and people screaming about it being used in any way; fact is, in this context, it's no worse than that NBP clown calling whites crackers, and that's been published all over.

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