Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cayman Islands had a 5.8 quake

with not much damage reported.

If we're lucky, there'll be a number of these small to moderate quakes to bleed off stresses in the fault lines in the region.


Keith said...

They tend to follow on from each other.

Think of it like dragging a stretch rubber mat over rocks, it will stick on one rock and stretch for so long before springing over it, that transfers the stretch to the rocks either side of it, until they go twang too, and so it goes on.

The big turkish armenian and iranian earthquakes all seemed to come within a few years of each other, the same thing will likely happen here as the stretch is released.

Now, who can say Gulf Coast property price collapse?

RobC said...

I am surprised there has not been The Big one in the Caribbean yet.